Why My Ticket

My Ticket Solutions (MTS), is a highly interactive digital platform designed to revolutionise issue redressal and communication. Our web and mobile application-based software offers a structured and customizable workflow, ensuring efficient ticket management across languages and geographies.

Wave goodbye to manual workflows and embrace a structured system that adapts to your unique needs. Our customizable web and mobile applications ensure quick issue resolution, streamlined activity assignment and transparent tracking of ticket timelines. No more missed deadlines or confusion – MTS keeps you on top of your game.

Why My Ticket

Key Features

Smart Grouping

A powerful feature designed to simplify rights assignment and identify the right users for activity assignments, streamlining processes with efficiency and precision.


Easily access support in your language with our Multilingual Support feature, fostering efficient communication and swift issue resolution.

Automate workflow

Streamline your processes using our seamless pre-defined workflow automation, allowing you to delegate tasks and focus on high-value activities. This boosts productivity, minimizes errors, and accelerates task completion.

Recurring Tickets

The recurring ticket functionality enables automated creation of tickets at specified intervals, effectively saving time and reducing manual effort in scheduling routine tasks within the software. This streamlines processes and ensures timely attention to repetitive issues.

TAT Monitoring

Turnaround Time (TAT) metrics ensures issues are swiftly addressed, enhancing user satisfaction and maintaining service quality. This proactive approach aids in identifying bottlenecks and refining support processes for optimal results.

Custom Fields & Forms

Tailor fields and forms according to your specific requirements, enabling a personalized and efficient data collection process. This flexibility enhances data accuracy and aligns the software with your distinct workflow.

In-app Chat

Engage in real-time and contextual conversations with users through the in-app chat feature, promoting seamless communication, faster issue resolution, and a user-friendly software experience.


Effortlessly manage tasks and stay organized by utilizing the integrated calendar, which enables you to monitor events, deadlines, and key milestones within your software ecosystem. This approach enhances productivity and ensures timely execution.


Enhance issue management by linking related tickets, facilitating a holistic view of interconnected problems and their solutions. This comprehensive approach accelerates troubleshooting and fosters a more efficient resolution process.

Announcements & Feedback

Stay up-to-date on important announcements while effortlessly collecting valuable user feedback, fostering seamless communication and transparency within organization.


Streamline and accelerate the product ordering process, guaranteeing prompt action and reducing downtime. This efficient approach enhances operational effectiveness and facilitates seamless workflows in managing product procurement.


Utilize data analytics to transform raw information into actionable insights, enabling data-driven decisions that optimize processes and enhance outcomes. This strategic use of analytics improves efficiency and empowers informed business strategies.

Seamless Collaboration

With standout features like live multilingual translation and cross-platform messaging, enabling effective communication and collaboration across diverse teams and locations. We aim to enhance user experience and engagement like never before by breaking down language and administrative barriers throughout organisations to bring about an operational efficiency like none other.

My Ticket Solutions
My Ticket Solutions
My Ticket Solutions

Transform Your Workflow with Analytics

MTS is your gateway to insightful analytics and comprehensive reporting. Measure team performance, identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions to optimize your processes. It has the tools to drive productivity, satisfaction, and growth.

Join our community of forward-thinking businesses and discover the potential of My Ticket Solutions. Let's revolutionize business management, supercharge your operational support and create unforgettable experiences for your esteemed clients, employees and vendors. The future of efficient, engaging, and impactful issue resolution starts here!

My Ticket Solutions
My Ticket Solutions
My Ticket Solutions